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A fascinating, disturbing American television series 13 Reasons Why with elements of a thriller and drama is the adaptation of the eponymous sensational bestseller written by Jay Esher. A piercing, heartbreaking and very sad story will plunge the viewer into a world of pain and mental anguish of the emotional and pure soul of a teenager who once made a terrible decision, but still preferred to explain, even when it was too late. The first love is the strongest feeling. It can cause a person to soar in the clouds, and can completely crush it. You need to be very attentive to whoever is around and experiences awe and tenderness towards you This is exactly how it happened with the main character named Clay Jensen.
The most ordinary guy lives the most ordinary life, as it seems to him. She studies at school, does homework, does her own business. One day, after returning home from school, the guy stumbles upon a strange surprise. On the threshold of his house was a postal parcel, on which his name was indicated. After seclusion, he opens a mysterious box in which he discovers audio cassettes. This is a message from his unhappy classmate, who was called Hannah Baker. The poor girl committed suicide two weeks earlier, plunging everyone who knew her into shock by this act. And now, before the bewildered schoolboy, several tapes that he should listen to. Why? On them, the girl recorded thirteen reasons, because of which she decided to die …