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In Warsaw, Gdansk and Krakow simultaneously blow up several explosive devices, obviously a coordinated terrorist attack. Shots from the air to show how huge collapse Stalinbauten and transform the capital in ruins. It is Poland’s Nine-Eleven in the eponymous year 1983. After these scenes, the series makes a huge leap in time. Viewers find themselves in a dystopian world again, where the Iron Curtain has never fallen. Two decades after the attack, the people enjoy true peace and prosperity, but have to live under a repressive police state. The Communist Party holds the reins firmly in hand and uses the latest technologies to keep citizens under control. They are shadowed, spied on and if necessary assassinated.

1983 season 1 download

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1983: First Netflix original from Poland, which creates an alternative history in which the Cold War never ended and Poland remained behind the Iron Curtain. 2003 Poland: 20 years …