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99 Days is a series of comedy based on the best-seller of the same name written by the author Katie Cotugno and produced for MTV. The series tells the story of Molly Barlow, a young woman who is about to face the longest summer of his life trying to deal with a situation that she triggered. So should try to follow normally despite encountering the guy who broke her heart, Patrick, and continue seeing the boy for which he was heartbroken, Patrick’s brother, Gabe.La first night after his return to Star Lake, Molly’s house is trashed by Julia Donnelly, who attacked throwing eggs. This tells you all still remember what happened between her and Patrick. Affected by this, Molly begins a countdown, as only have to wait 99 days to return to college. With the return of Molly, Gabe was happy to see her. However, what does this mean for Patrick? Will there be an opportunity to forgive Molly? Adaptation is held by Lila Feinberg, who writes the script and serves in turn as producer. Also serving as executive producers are Leslie Morgenstein and Gina Girolamo.