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Forced to leave Liftjord his hometown in Norway 18 years despite his acquittal in the murder of his girlfriend, Aksel moved to Asia, where he made a fortune with a new name and built a family. Twenty years later, his associates decided to buy SolarTech the Liftjord key company on the verge of bankruptcy and sends Aksel there. Soon he discovers that the company is headed by Eva, the mother of his former girlfriend behind his departure. Acquitted is a cold and dark police drama.

Acquitted (Acquitted) it is a Norwegian television series premiered in 2011, drama with hints of thriller mystery. The series follows the story of its protagonist, Aksel Borgen, a successful businessman who, after spending 20 years of his life in Asia reaping his fortune, he is approached by a small firm that offers her a job in his hometown of Norway. This work is to save from bankruptcy the local company using their skills, so you have to go back to this town two decades after being accused of murdering his girlfriend (who, in turn, was the daughter the president of the firm that needs your services) .Although was acquitted of acusasciones, he was forced to leave his home. Now, after his return, he will realize that stigma about it is still alive and will not be well received by all. Back in the village must face the prejudices, doubts and accusations that the community has against him.