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California’s darkest attraction is the famous prison off the coast of San Francisco. Alcatraz, located on a secluded island, was once a place for America’s most dangerous criminals. But today, the only guests in prison cells are tourists who curiously examine their dreary interior.< br />Alcatraz ceased to function in 1963, the official reason is the excessive cost of maintaining the prison. However, before closing in the walls of this gloomy building has been an unexplained mystical event – the mysterious disappearance of all the prisoners and guards. 302 people literally disappeared into thin air, neither the police nor the FBI were able to find their tracks.
the duration of season 1 is our days. Emerson Hauser is a Federal agent investigating the mysterious appearance of Jack Sylvain, one of Alcatraz’s prisoners who disappeared in the sixties. Paired with Hauser works Rebecca Madsen is a detective from the police station in San Francisco. Soon they are joined by Dr. Diego Soto, chief expert in the field of the history of Alcatraz.