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Head of the American family tries to do everything to make life normal. The protagonist of the Telly series American Housewife season 1 takes care of 3 children, living in a small house in Westport. The woman is always confident in her abilities and challenges the most difficult tests. Quite often she shares her experience with others mommies. Communication helps the heroine to find new and interesting solutions of domestic problems. In addition, the woman has a status of the second most magnificent housewife in the city.

We invite you to watch the 3rd season of the most interesting and incredibly funny project “American housewife”. Before you is a simple girl who is trying to drag the family. Yes, she has a hard time, because to keep three children and the whole house it’s not easy. However, the main character is not discouraged, because she always has the opportunity to feel needed! In the state of Connecticut in a small town called westport has no prospects for development and career growth. However, the heroine is different feature, because of which she is envied by many. She is the second most magnificent housewife in her city. Of course, this girl is very proud, although, on the other hand, you always want to be the first. To this she seeks each time, when is beginning to another day! In General, it turns out all comical and fun enough!