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Spin-off of the hit series Buffy the Vampire cons, always directed by Joss Whedon, Angel, fantasy series, takes us into the daily life of Angel, a vampire of his condition, which, to redeem himself for all the harm he caused for centuries, and after meeting Buffy tries to help people in distress.

Angel is a vampire. Since the 17th century it has wiped out as Angelus many lives. Eventually he came to a gypsy. Her family took revenge on Angel, by giving it a soul. With this he feels the suffering of people and has set out to help them. He works in San Francisco for “Angel Investigations”, locate an organization that vampires and demons and to extinguish. Along with Wesley, Cordelia, Gunn and Fred he protects the defenseless. However, he can never be truly happy. The moment by happens to him true happiness, he loses his soul and reverts to Angelus.