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Austin & amp; Ally ‘is an American musical comedy created by the writers and producers of other Disney Channel sitcoms like’ Sony with a Chance ‘and’ Jonas’. The star Ross Lynch ( “Moises Rules! ‘, Jessi) and Laura Marano (‘ Without a Trace ‘,’ FlashForward ‘), who enliven Austin and Ally respectivamente.La comedy, multicamera, takes place in Miami and focuses on the relationship they have two very disparate musicians: Austin Moon and Ally Dawson. Austin is a very open singer and instrumentalist that fails to leave a mess and it is getting into another. Instead Ally singer-songwriter with a great talent and very responsible, have stage fright. Their lives change when Austin without permission of Ally, recorded one of his songs and reaches estrellato.Tras this Ally, convinced by her friend Trish, joins his talent to Austin and Dez, the best friend of his, and together they create a musical group whose goal is to become one of the most important and successful in the world of music.