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As gifted and talented qu’asocial and irascible, Everett Backstrom’s policeman brigade Portland homicides and says everything he thinks both eccentric team members as outsiders. Everywhere, his reputation precedes him. Without filter or taboo in the Dr. House line, and Backstrom is a police drama with cynical sarcasm and humor ambient.

Backstrom ‘revolves around the adventures and investigations of homicide dectective Evert Backstrom, a somewhat aggressive and irascible person who tries to change his life and his self-destructive behavior with ajedrez.La story is based on the books of Leif Gustav Willy Persson, a criminologist and Swedish writer considered by many as the king of the thriller escandinava.Hart Hanson ( ‘Bones’) is the writer and executive producer of the series and stars Rainn Wilson ( “the Office”) who plays Everett Backstrom, aggressive and irascible detective. The cast is full Mamie Gummer ( ‘loss Teardrop Diamond’) who plays Nicole Carlton, an openly gay detective and has difficulty recovering from his recent separation from your partner, with Dennis Haysbert ( ’24’) plays John Almon, an inspector who collaborate with the protagonist but at the same time is the antihero of the series