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Cooked is an original documentary series Netflix consisting of four episodes based on which the primitive human need to cook under review, as well as the great interest in this activity, bringing the viewer into the depths of the world of cooking, inviting recover lost traditions and discover the place that the kitchen has in our lives. Each of the four episodes of the series examines one of the physical elements used for centuries to transform raw ingredients into delicious dishes: fire, water, air and land. Cooked takes the viewer on an amazing journey to know, among other things: a tribe of Aborigines in Western Australia to handle monitor lizards, a nun and biologist of the Order of San Benito makes traditional French cheese, a group of Peruvians who made a traditional alcoholic beverage using saliva to ferment, and an old barn Morocco ríos.El driven project stems from the hand of the successful writer and activist Michael Pollan, author of books such as in Defense of Food, and is directed by filmmaker Alex Gibney, known for his work on documentary tapes of the likes of Enron: the guys in America or the award-winning Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief. Each episode returns to the kitchen Pollan in Berkeley, California, where he reminds us that, despite living in a world surrounded by fast and processed food, cook our own food is the best thing we can do for your health and wellbeing.