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Believe ‘revolves around the strange relationship of a young woman with a gift, Bo, and an inexperienced man in prison, Tate, who has been entrusted the task to protect her from evil forces who want to seize power. The convict was released thanks to the mysterious Winter and his friend Channing to help Bo to keep her away from Skouras.Su first chapter is conceived as a novel by Stephen King and no major mythological elements that are revealed gradually during the series mixing styles of series like ‘Fringe’ or ‘Person of Interest’.La series is created and co-written by Alfonso Cuarón (‘ Gravity ‘), besides being the director of the first episode and executive producer alongside JJ Abrams ( ‘Star Wars VII’). Jonas Pate ( ‘Deception’) is the ‘showrunner’ of ‘Believe’ and stars Johnny Sequoyah ( ‘Ass Backwards’), Jake McLaughlin (‘ Warrior ‘), Delroy Lindo (‘ The Chicago Code ‘), Jamie Chung (‘ Sin City: Dame to Kill For ‘) and Kyle MacLachlan (‘ The Smell of Success’).

“Believe” tells the story of a young girl who was born with extraordinary skills that they can not control. To protect her, is freed from prison, a wrongly convicted man to death, and together they decide to make a pact to support each other.

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Levitation, telekinesis, the capability to manage nature, see the future … considering that she was birthed, Bo has actually had presents she can neither completely comprehend neither manage. Currently …