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The plot unfolds in a small town where all its inhabitants have a quiet, dull and uneventful life. They are a clear example of “traditional village” and maybe that’s why the detective Annie Ryder has never fit in his hometown. His behavior is too intense and personality, very cheeky. However, there is where he decided to live and its neighbors will have to get used to. One day, a strange case gets its hands: the disappearance of a transsexual teenager. The young researcher in charge of the case, which clearly appears to be a murder. Annie looks at the plight of solving this crime and to do so, you should consider that all people of that town, neighbors and acquaintances, are sospechosos.El cast of the CBC Canadian chain is formed by Anna Paquin ( true Blood) in the role of detective Annie Ryder, who is accompanied by Allen Leech (Downton Abbey) and Shawn Doyle (Frequency).

In a Canadian town vemeintlich decent people who also personally ensure that their neighbors also behave properly live. But Detective Annie Ryder’s (Anna Paquin) effervescent personality has never really fitted to their hometown. As a transsexual teenager disappears, Annie starts to investigate and soon has been directing, she knows prepared their whole lives long suspected to humans. During the case, they increasingly estranged from her family, she is confronted by a mysterious person from her past.