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The major character of the series Better Thing is a single mother who brings up 3 daughters. It is quite a difficult task for a full family, not to speak about a single mother. No matter the difficulties which appear before a woman day by day, she tries to cope with them. The woman is unlucky in her personal life as most of her life she gives either to children or to work. By the way, Sam is an actress, who now plays not that significant role in a series, but uses great popularity among the viewers. In this season the woman still tries to find her love.

“””Better Things”” season 3 is a Comedy television series from Louis C. Kay and Pamela Adlon, which we know thanks to the bestseller””Louis””. The series is being filmed in the US and the first season started on 8 September 2016. Imagine the life of a mother who is single-handedly raising a child. Presented? Now imagine that there are three babies… the plot of the series will tell the audience about this case. A girl named Sam is a single mother who brings up three beautiful daughters. It is not that there is not enough time for entertainment and recreation, it is not enough at all for anything. Among other things, and career girl is not happy. It is, despite my dreams, it is not very famous and popular actress, of course, not high wages. However, Sam is not one who immediately hangs his nose and begins to blame the unfair fate. She is full of optimism, because she has three favorite daughters.
That with what agility the main character copes with various life disorders will not leave the audience indifferent and certainly will not make you bored.”