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1983rd year. 12-year-old Owen lives with his mother in the suburbs of New Mexico – the boy’s parents recently went through a hard divorce proceedings. Evenings Owen loves to turn off lights and using a telescope to observe the life of neighbors. In a class of closed loner Owen tries not to attract attention, but from time to time, the boy is humiliated by classmates led by Kenny. One winter evening, Owen is witnessing the emergence of new residents – middle-aged men with a suitcase in his hand, and the girl – the same age Owen. Strangers have settled in an apartment next door. The strangeness of the girl attracts his attention – she walks through the snow barefoot, without shoes. After another humiliation by Kenny Own buys knife. With it, the boy hopes to deal with offenders. In the evening, witness the emotional punishment Owen tree becomes the very strange barefoot girl. Back at the apartment, Owen becomes an unwitting witness to the emotional conversation that could be heard from a neighbor’s apartment. In the morning at the school reported the tragic death of one of the graduates. Owen soon learns that his neighbor named Abby and she is – a vampire.