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Bordertown is one of the new Fox series. This is a lively fiction set in a fictional place in Texas. The protagonists, Bud Buckwald and Ernesto Gonzalez are neighbors. The first is a Border Patrol agent, he is married to Janice Buckwald and has three children, Becky, Sanford and Gert. The second is a happy to be in America with Mexican immigrant family. The series aims to address the issue of immigration, a controversial issue in the United States. The series is produced by Seth MacFarlane, creator of series like Family Guy or movies like Ted.

After returning from serving on the front as a member of the United States Army, Dex Parios settles in Portland with the idea of ​​bringing a more stable life and take care of his brother Ansel, who has Down syndrome. However, upon reaching the city it does not take to rub shoulders with the underworld of it, because his gambling addiction causes him to fall soon accumulate a pressing gambling debts. To make a living, Parios is private detective does, using the skills gained in war and combat experience to tackle intricate cases expeditiously, violent and unconventional way.