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Camelot gives a twist to the story and mythology surrounding the kingdom of Camelot and the figure of King Arthur and his Knights Court. Fiction medieval history becomes a detective series, in which Arthur is a tagger and Gwen’s police. Awakens an ancient magic Manhattan area. There, now, we know Art, a graffiti artist who has a more or less normal life. Circumstances lead him to team up with his best friend Lance and his ex-girlfriend Gwen, an idealistic police. Together, the three must discover his destiny and face the evil forces that threaten to destroy the ciudad.Esta fiction FOX comes from the hand of Gail Berman and Joe Earley.

In the Camelot series is about the mystical events in England in the 5th century, when King Arthur (or Arthur) founded his Round Table, Britain united and his knights made their way under his rule on the search for the Holy Grail.