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Carter is a comedy that revolves around Harley Carter (Jerry O’Connell), who managed to become famous thanks to a successful detective series. After a public disaster, in an awards show, he decides to return to his hometown to rethink his life and rest. Upon reaching the city and reconnect with old friends and neighbors, he realizes that they do not separate real life from fiction. Therefore, you are asked to solve mysteries and investigate real cases. This will make you reconnect with his childhood friend Sam Shaw, the police officer, and Dave Leigh who is the owner of the Canadian series cafetería.Esta is created by Garry Campbell who also serves as producer along with Victoria Hirst. It is produced by Amaze Film & amp; Television, Bell Media and Sony Pictures Television, which also serves as distributor. The cast starring Jerry O’Connell has (Billions), Sydney Tamiia Poitier (Death Proof) and Kristian Bruun (Orphan Black).

In the crime series “Carter” returns a famous TV detective after a scandal back to his hometown, where he immediately joins the local law enforcement and wants to solve crimes. He relies on his expertise as an investigator, he has for years appropriated as an actor, working with an old friend, an experienced police officer who understands no fun.