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The focus of the Air Force Miglied John Yossarian, who is stationed on a Mediterranean island during the Second World War and must attend bomber missions against the Axis powers risked their lives is. The situation drives him to despair, because he is aware that the soldiers of the other side want to kill him, even though you do not know each other. Yossarian just want to go home. He hopes to create so through various strategies. On one hand, it first tries to fulfill his mandatory “shall” in operations, then “after he has contributed its fair part” to be honorably discharged – but the target is continuously increased, so that it can never reach it. On the other hand, he hopes to reach his goal with sick leave. But here is the insane rule Catch-22 in the way: For the dismissal from service it provides as a condition that one is irresponsible and asking for the dismissal. On the other hand, the desire to be released from the lethal military service as evidence is considered for that one is mentally healthy – for what rationally thinking person would not want to escape through an armed conflict by way of mortal danger?