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In 2018 there is going to be a premiere of the TV series called Cloak and Dagger season 1. It is a story of interracial love. It tells about two young people who discover that they have some super capabilities. Thus, Tandy turns out to have the ability to emit daggers of light. At the same time Tyrone may take people into the darkness. They soon realize that together they act better than separate. However, their feelings towards each other make their quite complicated world even more confused.

“In “”Cloak and Dagger”” season 2 Tyrone Jones and Teddy Bowen are friends from school, but if before their relationship was limited to active and fruitful communication, then over time between them there is something different, beyond reason. It is difficult for them to reveal new feelings in themselves, and after the prom their roads can be separated forever, but there is an extraordinary event that will connect friends forever. Graduation was great, the couple returned home in a limousine, which at high speed crashed into a truck. Survive after such an accident is not possible, but the guy and the girl woke up in a strange place, vaguely reminiscent of the hospital. The series is the Cloak-and-Dagger 2018 online free LostFilm.
To clarify the situation in a hurry Donald Roxxon. He says that the guys were victims of the experiment, later they will be given unique abilities, but only a narrow circle of people will know about everything. Tandy and Tyrone intend to use these opportunities for the benefit of other people. They will have to forget about a past life in which Tandy was surrounded by luxury and wealth, and Tyrone’s family barely made ends meet. Once the guy witnessed the death of a friend, this event left an imprint on his life, but now each of the characters gets a unique chance to take revenge on their offenders.”