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Constantine ‘revolves around John Constantine, an enigmatic and irreverent supernatural detective man for the sole purpose of defending against the dark forces of more allá.El character was created by Alan Moore, Steve Bissette and Jamie Delano in 1985 and appeared for the first time in a number of ‘Swamp Thing’, before getting his own series, ‘Hellblazer’. In the comics, John Constantine is a former con artist who becomes a supernatural detective who protects humanity from demonic forces and, as rumored, the series could follow the plot of the character in ’52’.Se is another project Warner Bros. TV set and DC Comics. Daniel Cerone, executive producer of ‘The Mentalist’ and David S. Goyer ( “Batman vs. Superman ‘), the writer par excellence adaptations for Warner Bros DC, are the executive producers and writers of the series.

The US series Constantine is based on the comic series Hellblazer of DC Comics. The story mixes horror, fantasy and mystery elements. The plot focuses on the eponymous main character, John Constantine (Matt Ryan). He is no more than an ordinary investigator who awakens at first glance a bit run down impression for mere mortals. In fact, however, the face of an experienced demon hunter who has already gone through heaven and hell is hiding behind the scruffy stubble. In addition, John Constantine knows with any excesses of the occult and quarrels nevertheless – or perhaps because – with his faith.