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Containment is a drama developed by the CW network, based on the Belgian series of the same name. The plot begins after the outbreak of a deadly epidemic in Atlanta, a city that is inmeditamente quarantined. Thus, the series shows life inside this city, families torn apart and the growth and evolution of society living within the range that marks the boundaries of the quarantine. Tension, uncertainty, but also the values ​​of humanity and heroism marked the history of the state capital of Georgia.La series is starring Alex ‘Lex’ Carnahan, who gives life David Gyasi (Interstellar), a major police Atlanta, loyal and kindhearted that assumes responsibility for maintaining stability in the roped off. Beside him is Jana, played by Christina Moses girlfriend protagonist who is trapped in an office skyscraper in the city. In addition to them, the main characters are Jake, whose skin Chris Wood, a former rebel who became police and is the best friend Lex gets; and Katie, played by Kristen Gutoskie, a young teacher and single mother who is in the Midtown Hospital in Atlanta.

“Containment” is about the outbreak of a deadly epidemic in Atlanta, as a result of which it is placed the entire city under quarantine. A fight to the death of the trapped people begins. The series tells the story of lovers who are torn apart and how society loses its humanity within the restricted zone, while so many unexpected hero emerges.