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Dark is a Netflix original series genre mystery thriller with touches of supernatural fantasy. This series is the first project that the company develops streaming is written, filmed and produced in Alemania.Ambientada in contemporary Germany, the series revolves around the disappearance of two children in Widen. The town turns to find them until the situation becomes more and more a supernatural experience. It seems that everything is related to the inexplicable events that occurred in 1986. All of this mysterious disappearance also bring to light the past and the secrets of four families who find they are conectadas.Dirigida by renowned film director Baran bo Odar Swiss ( silence ice), and written by screenwriter and actress Jantje Friese, this series consists of ten episodes of one hour. Both have worked before on tape Who am I ?, a thriller about hackers, led by Odar and co-written by Friese. Dark is produced by Quirin Berg and Max Wiedemann Justyna Müsch, the same team behind the The Lives of Others tape, 2006.

A fifteen year old boy disappears in a small town in Germany. It would be routine if not for a short time, there is a second disappearance. These two events will put in check four families who will have to bring to light shady past, double lives and unhealed wounds if they find them.

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“Dark kidnapped in a German town, which could hardly be average at first glance. Surrounded by beautiful countryside, people living door to door – and yet they know very …