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Set in the late 80s, fiction reflects a clash of cultures between city dwellers belonging to different social classes. In this way, we meet a teenager and homeless youth recruited by elite private school to which senior officers of criminal organizations send their hijos.Para this guy is not easy to deal with all the problems that are presented in this new environment while remaining true to its ethics and code moral.Los Russo brothers (Community, Avengers: Infinity War) are responsible for adapting the eponymous comic Rick Remender (Captain America) and Wes Craig (Batman: source ) in the series to the small screen it is based on a project for Syfy chain.

Fiction follows the story of Marcus Lopez, an orphan with a very difficult life living on the street in 1987. Accused of having set fire to a correctional and killed en masse to all who were inside, is pursued by the authorities to judge him. However, his life changes when he meets with the teacher Lin (Benedict Wong), an enigmatic figure who recruits him to attend King’s Dominion, an institute that will train to become a professional murderer. There you will find that children of famous and well-known personalities are trained to the same secret, but that his life is no different than when I was in the street. Classism and bands will take care of him through difficulties in school, but also make friends peculiar in that environment surrounded by cruelty and violence.