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Suspense series set in the world of entertainment and fame produced by NBC. Vivian Bowers is a celebrity that is on everyone’s lips. It is attractive, crazy and always gives to talk about. He is also heir to one of the largest pharmaceutical empires in the world. It seems surprising both his sudden death at age 32, apparently by a sobredosis.Will Moreno (Laz Alonso, ‘Ex-Convicts’, ‘Avatar’) is a detective FBI did not just believe everything related death bowers; He is convinced that this is a murder. To unravel the truth contact Detective Joanna Locasto (Meagan Good, ‘Californication’), an old friend of the deceased who left his life of luxury and whims ago 20 años.Joanna it will infiltrate the environment Vivian and start enjoying style life he once knew. It was also reunited with his former love. But soon it begins to discover dark secrets hidden behind the death of his friend and dotting all that once formed part of their environment.

American drama ” Deception ‘focuses on the super star Cameron Black Magic. This wizard is ruined his career because of a scandal which does not get rid of. Cameron used his arts of persuasion and deception to achieve entered into the FBI. Thanks to its arts gets part of the distinguished American body and becomes the first illusionist FBI consultant. Cameron used his wiles and deceptions to help the government catch criminals and uncover large conspiracy cases thanks to their arts.