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It connected in parallel with an online game of Trion Games, ‘Defiance’ platform, it is a science fiction story set in the near future. The innovative project brings together the events that take place in the virtual world of online game affecting the course of the plot of the series and viceversa.Los aliens, known as Votans have traveled to Earth in search of a new home after her solar system has been destroyed. However upon reaching our planet, they discover that despite having negotiated with the governor of the Earth are not welcome. The Votans are unwilling to leave and start a war against humans with the intention to gain control of the planet. After decades of war, a truce is declared realizing the importance of survival in the struggle between the two. Humans and aliens will join forces to rebuild the devastated planet, transforming the Earth in order to make it viable for the two species. The series revolves around the character of Jeb Nolan (Grant Bowler, ‘True Blood’), a soldier who fought alongside humans during the war. In order of it and after losing it to his wife and son, Jeb, he decides to return to his hometown San Luis, discovering that it has nothing to do with him abandoned years ago. Aware that the city needs your help, it becomes the vigilante head of Defiance in order to protect the city from possible clashes between humans and aliens. The aim is to maintain peace among species up a new world that will be difficult to live because of pasado.Supervivencia resentments, hope and courage are the keys to this Rockne O’Bannon written by ( ‘Farscape’) series, which has with showrunner Kevin Murphy ( ‘Caprica’), Michael Taylor (Battlestar Galactica) as producer and Scott Stewart ( ‘Priest’) as director.

The arrival of aliens on Earth has a nine-year war between the humans and various alien races result. After the end of which the warring parties have to share the devastated planet and learn to get along peacefully. On the ruins of the destroyed St. Louis City Defiance is built in the new Mayor Amanda Rosewater wants to maintain order. There is stranded and the homeless Joshua Nolan, who assumes the post of sheriff and his adopted daughter Irisa promoted to deputy.