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Dirk Gently is a television series genre based on characters from the series of homonyms novels written by author Douglas Adams (Hitchhiker’s Guide) comedy. After the cancellation of his British predecessor, this series picks up the adventures of detective Dirk Gently and his partner Todd Brotzman.Ambos characters form a unique duo, the story follows the detective who solves cases without difficulty but instead have very easily to get into rocambolescas trouble and all around them situations. One of the people who cross this chaotic path is Todd, a bellboy in a hotel. With this new assistant, investigates cases based on the holistic principle that all things are connected sí.Adaptada by Max Landis (Chronicle) for BBC America, the series features performances of Samuel Barnett (Jupiter Ascending) on ​​the Dirk paper, and Elijah Wood (Open Windows) as Richard MacDuff. This adaptation is co produced by AMC Studios, Ideate Media and Entertainment IDW publishing company.