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Edha is a television series produced dramatic thriller genre and made in Argentina, created by acclaimed film and television director Daniel Burman (Lost Embrace). Written and directed by the same Burman, the series tells the story of its protagonist, edha, a successful fashion designer and single mother who is at a crossroads that changes his life (and his daughter) completely. Amid this difficult decision that could abirle the doors completely to another level in the world of fashion, edha knows Teo, an immigrant become a model that will be wrapped in a wild love relationship. However, everything changes when this man, infiltrated the company to ruin from within and avenge the death of his brother, awakens in edha an unbridled passion that tarnishes that goal that so deeply ansiaba.Esta series is an original production of fully Netflix produced in Argentina.

Edha is revenge, passion and secrets: The life of a single mother and successful fashion designer completely changes when she meets a man as handsome as mysterious.