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In the center of the plot of the series Elven season 1 there are residents of the town called Dyupelv. Here, not only natural conditions are severe, but also the cold war continues to this day, which everyone prefers to remain silent about. No resident has the courage to speak of the strange incidents that are now and then taking place in this remote place. However, a new policeman, Thomas Lönnheiden, is used to always deal with secrets and not leave them uncovered. Especially crimes that must be investigated and punished. At the same time, a little girl, a resident of the town, found a hand in the river. A terrible find shocked the girl. But soon the girl herself disappeared without a trace.

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The ten-year Silja (Wiola Wilmi) grows up with her bigoted grandmother, in the far north of Norway, near the border with Russia. Silja’s mother Grace (Magga Wigelius) wants to move away with her daughter and finally make independent but is less risk of being involved in illegal transactions. As Silja in a river finds a severed hand and soon goes missing from the house of the grandmother, begins a feverish search for the girl. While the police is prevented from doing in a restricted military zone after Silja, the girl does in an abandoned house in the woods a dangerous discovery.