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Clem (Nina Dobrev) is down to earth, humorous and subtle and keeps her opinion is not behind the mountain. In her youth, Clem was even wilder and has repeatedly brought into trouble, but now it has become more mature and take care of themselves, but also on putting yourself in the right light. Clem has a natural charm. That it’s a marriage proposal was made by Jay (Tone Bell), has made her happiness quite complete. However, a “legacy” she drags around with him still: Because her father Freddy Banks is incredibly embarrassing and she had not seen him for ten years, she has claimed that he had died. The flies on course when her younger half-sister Shannon (Odessa Adlon) is coming and wants to move in with her and her fiance to no longer have to live in the common father. By flying up their enormous lie Clem’s social relationships get a huge crack, and Jay wondered whether he really the federal government may enter into for life with this woman.

Fam season 1 download

13 episodes

The series “Fam” tells about a young woman whose name is Clem, in whose life the younger half-sister Shannon unexpectedly appears. The girl intends to live with Clem and …