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The protagonist, Fleabag is a middle-class woman having a complicated family situation and work with you can not keep your lifestyle. She owns a cafe with barely earn money and her boyfriend is a man who fills his existential emptiness with meaningless sexual encounters with all kinds of women, each worse than the last. And that’s just a small part of his life and everyday situations that Fleabag must deal. Fleabag is an example of a life that has gone wrong and must adapt to new situations, which manages to do with its personalidad.La new series of Two Brothers Production is directed by Harry Bradbeer (The Cops, The Hour) and produced by Harry Williams (One of us) and Jack Williams (Missing). It stars Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Broadchurch), Bill Paterson (Dr. Who), Brett Gelman (Jobs) and Hugh Skinner (Kill Your Friends), among others.

Life could be so beautiful, were it not for all the problems with which protagonist Fleabag (Phoebe Waller-Bridge) is forced to battle all day long. On the one hand because there is about the constant sexual dissatisfaction and the fight against sadness and Depressionen.Auf the other hand Fleabag constantly filled with anger and never lets up – entirely to mention the fact that they eventually build a down-existence want. But success is for the time being not on their side. As much Fleabag tried to heal their wounds from the past, the more it limits the people around them from, although it is actually only want to help