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Flowers eccentric family is struggling to hold together, something that is not easy because marriage is about to divorce. Maurice Flowers is the father, a completely normal man and a life without frights dedicated to write a series of children’s books. His wife Deborah begins to suspect that Maurice is having a homosexual relationship with Shun, commissioned to illustrate his books. The couple lives in a house almost runias with her two children and mother of Maurice. Donald is one of his children, a boy who likes to invent, and Amy is her twin sister, a Girl dedicated to music. Both compete for the attention of her neighbor. One day, Deborah decides he wants to celebrate his birthday with Maurice, something they had never done before, and so begins a strange occurrence of events that take the family to live situations increasingly absurdas.La Flowers family is played by Julian Barratt ( the Mighty Boosh), Olivia Colman (Locke), Will Sharpe (Black Pond), Daniel Rigby (Flyboys: Heroes of the air), Sophia Di Martino and Leila Hoffman (the witches). This black comedy for BBC created by Will Sharpe himself, who is also a screenwriter. In the production team we find Naomi De Pear, Nerys Evans, Holly Pullinger, Diederick Santer and Jane Featherstone.

Flowers eccentric family is trying hard to be one. Maurice Flowers is the author of «The Grubbs» series of children’s books, he and his wife Deborah on the verge of divorce. While Maurice struggles with inner demons and dark secrets, Deborah begins to suspect that Maurice feels attracted to a young illustrator of his works. The couple live in a creepy, creaky, crumbling old house with the mother of Maurice and their 25-year-old children, the twins Amy and Donald. Both twins are competing for the love of his attractive neighbor, Abigail.

The project “Flowers” is an original comedy that tells about life and relationships within one curious family. Deborah works as a music teacher, and Morris is known as one of the best authors in children’s literature. The couple is trying to raise the twins Donald and Emma. The classic problems of upbringing are replaced by unexpected situations that force each of the parents to come up with original moves in solving a particular problem. In addition, on the personal front, adult characters overtake. Morris cannot understand what he really needs from life when Deborah suspects that her husband is in love with his illustrator – a young guy from Japan.