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The main character of the comedy Future Man can be called a gambler only partially. According to the generally accepted canons of bourgeois society, he really did not succeed as he is working as a janitor. Of course, one will not make career in this field and one will not earn a billion. But, he is a manager on cleanliness only in the afternoon. At night, the guy turns into a world-class gamer. The most public majority does not know that international championships have already been held on computer games for a long time with very solid prize money. So here our hero can win 100%.

Future Man ‘is about the story of Josh Futterman (Josh Hutcherson), a janitor who lives with his parents during the day and playing professional games at night, which costs relate to others for their continuous self-esteem issues. When Josh meets and exceeds the top level of a game known for its excessive level of difficulty, whose name is “The Biotic Wars”, she is visited by a couple of mysterious strangers who have chosen him as the most suitable for time travel and to save humanity from extinction.