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“Galavant ‘is a musical comedy that follows dyes medieval history galavant hero. Like every story, the story begins with the unbridled love of this protective towards his beloved Madalena. However, everything changes when the Machiavellian King Richard kidnaps his beloved in order to marry her. Galavant, a gentleman from head to toe, comes to her rescue when suddenly takes a surprise. Madalena itself rejects it, preferring wealth and power offered by King Richard.
 Five years later, galavant still tormented and heartbroken. At this time that has elapsed since the marriage bond, galavant has changed the sword by alcohol and the title of hero by the unfortunate title. However, his life takes a 180 degree turn when Princess Isabella seeks his services as a knight in shining armor to stop the invasion of a ruthless monarch himself Richard.
 Galavant will embark on a new adventure to help Isabella, who hides a mysterious secret, to overthrow the king and to win back his beloved Madalena, not before facing numerous dangers.
 This series of ABC has in its artistic cast with Joshua Sasse as galavant, Timothy Omundson as King Richard, Karen David as Isabella, Mallory Jansen as Madalena, Luke Youngblood as Sid and Vinnie Jones as Gareth.”