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The first season focuses on the famous physicist Albert Einstein and is based on the biography of Einstein written by Walter Isaacson: Einstein: His Life and Universe in which we know the life of the physical, from the hidden face behind his great scientific achievements until his strange family life and personal relationships that arise to his alrededor.Teniendo basis of the letters written by the physicist, chapters explore how Einstein’s life: on the one hand we see the human side, which shows him as a parent who is unable to get a job as a teacher and lives in a marriage fraught with problems. On the other, we have the physical dazzling that solves the mysteries of the atom and the universe with his theory of relativity. Ron Howard directed the first episode of the series, and with respect to production, a collaboration between Imagine Television, Fox 21 and Odd Lot Entertainment occurs to produce fiction, and is broadcast on National Geographic Channel. Noah Pink exercises both as a writer and executive producer.

Albert Einstein’s work reverberates to the present day, he put his knowledge the foundation for countless modern techniques. But once he was a simple Patent Office employee, who was overwhelmed with his marriage and was desperately looking for a job as a lecturer at a university.