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Comedy created by Scott Silveri ( ‘Friends’, ‘Joey’) in which a man is overcome personal tragedy coming to an eccentric support group. Ryan King (Matthew Perry, ‘Friends’, ‘Joey’) is a famous athletic, spontaneous and jovial charm overflowing commentator on the radio. However, when his wife dies in a traffic accident decides to temporarily leave their trabajo.Tras a time of reflection, Ryan decides to return to work, without suspecting that will run into a major obstacle: his boss does not think readmit until Spend a season by going to therapy. That’s how Ryan just meeting a dysfunctional and crazy group seeks solace to their problems in therapy, directed by specialist Lauren Schneider (Laura Benanti, ‘Law & Order’, ‘Eli Stone’). He meets Annie (Julie White, ‘Transformers 3’), a widow who tries to overcome the death of his esposo.Pronto Ryan will realize that rather than needing therapy, peers are those who need him. And the sarcastic humor and vivacity of Ryan seems that his new friends need to move forward and leave behind the drama.

The wife of the radio presenter Ryan comes in a traffic accident. Just four weeks later, Ryan returns completely turns back to work. However, his boss Steven believes he has not yet digested the blow and need professional help. So Ryan has to complete in a trauma group therapy ten hours against his will. Therapist Lauren is initially not enthusiastic about their lackluster newcomer. However, with his unconventional style brings Ryan soon fresh momentum and positive atmosphere in the motley group.