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“In “”Good Girls”” season 2 the three most ordinary women who have already become mothers live in a quiet American town, which is definitely not full of passions, getting into the headlines. But children grow up, they have to spend more and more large sums on their maintenance, and the salaries of these mothers, in turn, do not follow the example of children, which pushes these ladies to not quite legitimate actions. Need money urgently so for them will have to risk it.
The trio of friends finds a solution to their problem. After collecting a couple of cents on a plastic colt from a toy store, the women decided to Rob a supermarket. Strangely enough, they managed to carry out their adventurous plan, and the spiritual spirit of the ladies has already begun to rise at the sight of bags of money. But at the crucial moment everything is spoiled by the store Manager. Friend, nevertheless, managed to escape, but their identity was disclosed, because that employee was able to see the faces of the robbers. Mothers, feel free to apply for the role of criminal individuals, now you can forget about a peaceful sleep, constantly thinking about what lies ahead, what women are destined for, and where, in the end, take the dirty money?”