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In “Grace and Frankie” season 5 Grace and Frankie-two absolutely opposing on character and moral beliefs women advanced age, firmly confident, that between them not can be absolutely nothing in common. Grace with fanaticism watches to look younger and not to allow any wrinkle to give out her real age while Frankie lives with absolute confidence that old age to it goes and to run from own age only the people who are not burdened with intelligence can. Completely different, ice and fire, black and white, incompatible. But it turns out that fate has a completely different opinion on this matter and one thing in common, the two bitter rivals is still there it is their husbands. And to be more precise, the fact that their husbands fell in love with each other and openly declared that now they intend to get married and build their happiness separately from their former wives. It is difficult to recover from such a blow, even the former hated friend does not seem so terrible. To cope with the terrible emotional shock and escape from loneliness, women begin to communicate, support each other, trying to help survive such unexpected changes and do not notice how they turn from sworn enemies into real friends.