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Gunpowder is a historical drama based on Guy Fawkes (aka Guido Fawkes), a British radical who tried to blow up the House of Lords and the Palace of Westminster to assassinate King James I of England, their families and Lords . However, he was arrested on November 5, 1605, just before detonating the explosives, thus avoiding the conspiracy. The next day he was sentenced to death and hanged. Since then, this day is celebrated with fireworks. Fiction and focuses on how the conspirators as Fawkes and Robert Catesby were selected to carry out this plan and therefore as was its evolution and preparation with obtaining the necessary resources and the obstacles they encountered along the way. The miniseries starring Tom Cullen is and Kit Harington, who is also executive producer. Rounding out the cast Liv Tyler (The Leftovers), Peter Mullan (Ozark), Edward Holcroft (The Sense of an Ending), Shaun Dooley (Jamestown), Robert Emms (Atlantis), Derek Riddell (The Missing) and Mark Gatiss (Doctor Quien). It is a production for the BBC.

Gunpowder ‘discovers Robert Catesby, the person who concocted the plan that the British activist Guy Fawkes were attributed. The group’s intention was to blow up Parliament in the air, but it did not work out well and the patsy, the famous Guy Fawkes was burned. In memory, the day has remained very distinctive national and cultural festival in England. Not being the first time we have adapted the facts, the series decides to focus on the discreet figure of Robert Catesby, the true man creator of all conspiracies.