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Emma, ​​Cleo and Rikki are three girls of 16 who spend their day to day on the sunny beaches of Australia’s Gold Coast. One day, because of a joke Zane playing them, the girls are lost in the sea to wreck the mysterious Mako Island, where they are trapped in a lagoon inside a dormant volcano. The three girls escaped unharmed by a submarine channel and return to normal life. But now, every time you touch the water become mermaids and each has special powers. Emma can freeze water, boil and Ricki can make Cleo can make this take any form. With the help of Lewis, a good friend, young try to decipher the riddle of his powers and discover the secret to return to his life normal.’H2O is an Australian drama series that is part of the fantasy genre. Created and produced by Jonathan M. Shiff, the series is distributed internationally by ZDF Enterprises.

Everything takes its start when the three 16-year-old teenager Cleo (Phoebe Tonkin), Emma (Claire Holt) and Rikki (Cariba Heine) fall on a trip to the mysterious island at full moon into a water pit. After that, they have to realize that they turn upon renewed contact with water immediately mermaids. Now they have with all the opportunities that are available to them, try their secret to keep. That can be tricky …