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The alleys of the slums of Jakarta are perfect for all kinds of beings are hidden stage. The Demits are creatures emerged from the Indonesian mythology that have for centuries lived with humans because they are able to adopt our appearance. Its existence has been one of the biggest secrets guarded by a powerful family, but the arrival of a mysterious supernatural event called “The Don” will uncover this secret. The dreaded day is coming as Sarah, a young street artist, he is involved in the chaos. The Demits see it as something special, something that even she knows and that will cause a great battle between humans and Demits that will destroy the balance of both mundos.Está starring Salvita Decorte (Lily Bunga Terakhirku) in the role of Sarah, Alex Abbad (The Raid 2) as Gorga, Reza Rahadian (Habibie & amp; Ainun) is Tony and Arifin Putra (Macabre) gives life to Barata. Rounding out the cast Charlie Ruedpokanon, Bront Palarae, Aimee Saras, Emma Emika Grant and Jake Macapagal, among others muchos.Creado by HBO and directed by Joko Asia Anwar (Kala), Halfworlds has a script written by Collin Chang and Joko Anwar . The music is by the singer and songwriter Nathan Hartono (Spring Awakening) and Aimee Saras (Musical Onrop), which also act in fiction.