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Comedy in which a gang of friends must remain united after the breakdown of two of its members. Produced by ABC. Alex (Elisha Cuthbert, ‘Love Actually’, ‘The Girl Next Door’, ‘House of Wax’) and Dave (Zachary Knighton, “The Prince and Me ‘,’ La Vie nouvelle ‘,’ Highway to Hell ‘) they are ready for marriage. More than prepared. Now it’s your wedding day and everything is going. However, Alex begins to have doubts shortly before reaching the altar. Too many doubts. So that leaves a boost Dave planted on the altar and escape with a guy on skates. It takes just five minutes to realize his mistake, but it’s too tarde.La wedding and subsequent catastrophic rupture of Alex and Dave not only affect them, but also their close group of friends who end up facing the difficult decision to position themselves on one side or the other. While Jane (Eliza Coupe, ‘What’s Your Number’, ‘Somewhere’), Alex’s sister, becomes his chief adviser, her husband Brad (Damon Wayans Jr., ‘Marmaduke’, ‘The other two’, ‘ Dance movie. Flick track ‘), Dave’s best friend encourages her to start dating other women. Then there is Max (Adam Pally, ‘Taking Woodstock’, ‘The Solitary Man’), the companion of homosexual floor Dave, and her best friend Penny (Casey Wilson, ‘Julie and Julia’, ‘Bride Wars’ ‘Killers’), a dating expert who will try to advise the two ex rebuild their vidas.Cada one of them has a dream in mind. Max fantasizes about finding her “Prince Charming”. Penny to leave behind singleness. Jane wants to have two perfect children. Dave dreams of starting her own family. And Alex … well, she is thinking about marcha.Dave and Alex try to maintain a relationship of friends, but soon the situation becomes tense. Can the group follow united and overcome the breakdown of Alex and Dave? Or will they opt for one or other permanently? And above all, you get each of them reach their happy ending?