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The series “Sister Hawthorne” is an American drama project. The main character of the film is called Christina Hawthorne. She is beautiful and smart, and despite her youth, she has already managed to achieve certain successes in life. She is a valued employee of Richmond City Hospital and is respected by the staff at the Hawthorne Clinic. And more recently, her superiors put her in charge of a team of junior medical staff. But her life cannot be called cloudless, because the girl combines her favorite professional activity with raising her child. Christina was previously married, but later divorced her husband and now all the many worries about the child rest on her fragile shoulders. All life flows in its usual way: work in the hospital, household chores and raising a baby.
It seems that everything is gradually getting better by itself after breaking up with her husband. But it often happens when an unexpected event occurs that radically changes the ordinary way of life. The Richmond staff began to actively discuss personnel changes among their superiors. And for Christina, this news was disappointing, because now the clinic can be headed by the mother of her ex-spouse. What can Nurse Hawthorne expect in the future? Watch the TV series for the continuation of the intrigue.