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Events previous section started in August 39th, when the UK was going to intervene in the war. As we learned in the subsequent series, in the end it came to pass is made, depriving the main characters of season 2 of the series “Good Housekeeping” support and support – most of the men left the city. The parting was not easy for everyone, but for someone and all ended in tragedy. For example, Sarah learned that her husband was killed during the fighting. Now she spends most of the day alone, which is why hardly gets out of the depression. However, in the new series, a woman will try to pull myself together. In the very first episode in arriving unit of Czech soldiers, who then have to go back to the front. Their appearance at the time distracts women from the constant intrigue, which weaves mostly Joyce. Teresa does not take part in the discussions of the appearance of soldiers – with her very few people talking because of a desire to defend the Italian character. Alison front of a difficult choice, able to predetermine the rest of his life, and Claire and all goes secretly married to Spencer, that becomes known Jenny, which immediately tells all Francis.