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Sitcom family court follows the adventures and misadventures of a parent, fond of all kinds of DIY and work with tools as well as those of his wife and three hijos.Tim Taylor (Tim Allen, ‘One for all’, ‘Crazy on the Outside’) is a television presenter. His job is to direct “The time of the tool”, a fun TV show on DIY, with his friend Al Borland (Richard Karn, ‘Dirt’) and assistant Lisa (Pamela Anderson, ‘The Baywatch’ ). Their continuous gaffes make you laugh out loud viewers, and have turned the program into a success. But this disastrous and disorganized man is not limited to his work. On the contrary, it extends to family life, which is always getting into líos.Tim lives with his wife Jill (Patricia Richardson, ‘The West Wing’) and three children: Brad (Zachery Ty Bryan, ‘Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Race’), a popular teenager and athlete who does not think much before doing things; Randy (Jonathan Taylor Thomas), noted for his wit and humor; and Mark (Taran Noah Smith), the youngest, with his older brothers are always getting. Absentminded and cheerful form of discipline, your house is a hotbed of funny situations and hilarious events. Maximum support is your neighbor Wilson (Earl Hindman, ‘Law & Order’), which is never seen her face because of the high fence separating their two gardens, and it is always comforting Tim and opening his eyes.