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Hooten & amp; the lady follows the story of Hooten American and British Alex Lindo-Parker, known in the Amazon when both are captured by an Indian tribe. They join forces to escape and end up tripping over El Dorado, a legendary treasure. From that moment, the two decide to team up and results in a very uneven couple is dedicated to finding lost treasures around the globe. From the Amazon jungle to Siberia, the world hides mysterious collector pieces that can not miss. It is said that in the Himalayas a scroll written by the Buddha himself, who in Alexandria is the lost tomb of Alexander the Great and the Roman catacombs are some lost books hidden for centuries. Starring Michael Landes (Final Destination 2) as Hooten and Ophelia Lovibond (Guardian Galaxy) as adventurous Alex Nice-Parker. The cast also includes Jessica Hynes (Shaun. One night … death), Shaun Parkes (The Mummy Returns) and Jonathan Bailey (Broadchurch). This fiction created by Tony Jordan, James Payne, Sarah Phelps, Jeff Povey and Richard Zajdlic, which also are also writers with Julian Holmes.