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Created by Matthew Carnahan ( “Dirt”) and directed by Stephen Hopkins ( ’24’), ‘House of Lies’ focuses on Marty, a brilliant and astute management consultant companies that are willing to do whatever, even break the law, just to get useful information for your customers. The main role is played by Don Cheadle ( ‘Hotel Rwanda’, ‘Crash’, ‘Iron Man 2’), while Dawn Olivieri ( ‘Heroes’, ‘Vampire Chronicles’) gives life to Monica, his ex-wife, a young a little unbalanced and hooked to drugs that will become your biggest rival to go to work in a cabinet top management. Kristen Bell ( ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’, ‘Veronica Mars’, ‘Gossip Girl’) gets into the skin of Jeannie, a graduate in competitive Brown University who feel strongly attracted to Marty. Rounding out the cast Ben Schwartz ( ‘Parks and Recreation’ ‘The other two’) and Josh Lawson ( ‘Spaced’, ‘Romantically Challenged’), which give life to two team members Marty, Clyde Oberholt and Doug, respectively. They also act, among others, Anna Camp (Bethany Van Nuys in ‘Mad Men’ and actress’ True Blood ‘or’ The Good Wife ‘) and Griffin Dunne (‘ Damages’, ‘My Girl’, ‘Jo, what a night!’).

In the center of the US series “House of Lies” the business of business consultants are. Management consultant Marty Kaan (Don Cheadle) works absolutely unconscionable for its customers, which usually involves spying on the competition. Jeanie Van Der Hooven (Kristen Bell) is a very astute Ivy League graduate who works in Marty’s company and will start to feel the attraction of their colleagues.