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Set in the suburbs of London where humanity is in a parallel present, the latest trendy gadget for any average family is a “Synth”, a robotic servant highly developed and eerily similar to humans. Hoping to transform the way they live, a suburban family buys one of these robots which eventually discovering that sharing life with a machine has escalofriantes.Esta consequences series of British-American television remake of Swedish fiction ‘Real Humans’ is created by Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley. It is a joint production of AMC, Channel 4 and Kudos. The series stars Colin Morgan, Gemma Chan, Katherin Parkinson and Tom Goodman-Hill among others.

Humans’ is a series of British-American science fiction television. The series, which has been written by British writer Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley, is an adaptation of the award-winning Swedish series “Real Humans’. Original explores the social and emotional impact that occurs when the thin borderline between humans and robots, while his appearance (androids and gynoid), disappears. Everything that has happened in this series is framed within an imaginary future time within a supposed fourth industrial revolution.