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Cent is a 16-year-old has always felt that it was different from the rest. Since childhood, he has longed to escape his small town and have a life away from there. One day, a strange incident occurs: a known drug dealer tries atracarla and the tension of the moment without really knowing how he has done, teleports Cent elsewhere to be safe. As she had always thought, it was different. It has an extraordinary ability that allows it to be free. However, all power is priced and yours is turning Cent in the spotlight all kinds of people looking for help, or destruirla.Impulse control is based on the third novel written by Steven Gould Jumper saga. Adaptation comes from the hand of Doug Liman (Bourne saga), who serves as director and executive producer with David Bartis (Edge of Tomorrow) and Gene Klein (Suits). Jeffrey Lieber (Lost) is the writer of this fiction of Universal Cable Productions and YouTube.

After her father once left the family has the 16-year-old Henrietta (Maddie Hasson) – named Henry – with her mother Cleo (Missi Pyle) already made in many places hold. But now, in the small town of Reston, New York, Cleo seems the widower Thomas Hope (Matt Gordon) found something permanent to have. Henry, however, rebelled against the town, and Thomas’ daughter Jenna (Sarah Desjardins), which is in Henry’s age.

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“Impulse is loosely based on the novel by author Steven Gould impulses, which represents the third part of jumper row. The series is about the 16-year-old girl Henrietta “”Henry”” …