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The story unfolds in the future, in a world where when the public sector has been dismantled and businesses and private corporations have a seemingly unlimited power. Ben Larson is an executive who hides his true identity by adopting a new identity to infiltrate the dangerous world of business and to save Laura, the woman he loves. It also has another mission in mind: bring down the system that gives them the power to corporations. However, you will soon discover that he is not the only hidden secret that, if discovered, can become something mortal.Incorporated is a futuristic fiction SyFy has been created by Ted Humphrey (The Good Wife) and counts among its ranks with Ben Affleck (Argo) and Matt Damon (the Bourne Identity) executive produced. The screenplay is by David Pastor and Alex Pastor (The Last Days, Infected) and as regards the producers supporting the project are CBS Television Studios and Pearl Street Films.Está starring Sean Teale (Skins, Survivor) in the role of Ben larson and Georgina Haig (Road Train) as Laura, the woman he loved. Rounding out the cast Eddie Ramos (Teen Wolf), Dennis Haysbert (24) and Julia Ormond (Mad Men).

In 2062, numerous problems of today have grown that climate change has taken our planet through the wringer, previously valid ethical boundaries were overturned and in American cities to modernster luxury is next door to almost medieval conditions. The interests of companies and influential, powerful individuals will always find a stronger voice in the federal capital Washington, the public sector is becoming weaker and more and more wealth is found in the hands of a small elite.