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Jack Irish is a former criminal lawyer and debt collector part time. Undoubtedly, what characterizes him is his eagerness to get into certain matters in which no debería.Un day, a stranger asks for help to investigate the disappearance of his brother in strange circumstances. However, Jack is soon charged with the murder of the man who is searching, and ended with a network of hidden interests of criminal organizations. Soon, he is immersed in a world in which imprera corruption, violence and adjustments cuentas.Esta Australian series is starring Guy Pearce (Memento).

Jack Irish, a resident of Melbourne in one of the cold, winter evenings receives a call from a former client Danny McKillop. Not wanting to take on the burden of other people’s problems, Jack ignores this call. After all, he himself turned out to be a day not of the best: your favorite team, in which he played his father and grandfather sold rate at the races did not live up to expectations, plus everything he still wakes up in a cold bed. As a result, under mysterious circumstances he killed Danny and curiosity gets the best of Irish – he starts a private investigation of his client’s death.